Why the Majority Chose to Leave

Why the majority chose to Leave

Why did the majority choose to Leave the EU?

The EU when it began was a way that nations could club together to make trading in a bloc more favourable to the European Union as a whole rather than going it alone. Whilst this experimental untried and untested EU vision was at first quite successful, especially when it comes to freedom and making it easier to travel through Europe's borders and the trading of goods without restrictions, the way that the EU is setup is to be more favourable in certain situations to certain countries and some more than others profit from this union as opposed to the UK. Although it has had some positives being in the UK at times but the negatives now outweigh the positives. Losing our sovereignty is not worth it for this EU vision.

Our fishing industry has declined so much over the years that in the past where there were big fishing fleets of a hundred boats or more in our fishing villages, there are now in some areas now only handfuls of boats and the EU in some cases have made it not profitable to fish. They introduced quotas and rules where British fisherman can only fish at certain times and in many instances allowing many EU fisherman to steal from under British noses and sell the fish back to us via EU trades, fish that were once in our sovereign countries fishing waters in any case.

Being a nation that is surrounded by sea, we have been a seafaring nation and the waters around the whole of the United Kingdom have been our waters whereas now, it is almost like we sub-let these waters to the EU countries that fish them for their own gains.

Fishing in UK Waters

Shocking depth of the fisheries common policy - The fish in this interview it is said that we are allowed to keep only 40% of the fish that are fished in our waters whereas the EU's quotas are 60%. How can that be right?

Any country has the right to fish and own a portion of the Earth out to a certain distance from their own country if they are not land-locked

Interesting documentary on the UN Laws of the Seas - not completely related to the UK's seas border but interesting documentary all the same.


Immigration is normally a sticky subject to talk about because if it is deemed you have a point of view about the amount of economic and none economic migrants that come in to the UK, it is seen as racist, xenophobic and none-inclusive. The real reasons why Governments around the world are pushing for higher and higher immigration is because the rich business owners are able to get cheaper labour and whether you believe this or not it is detrimental to the economy and the pay packets and even the jobs of the lower to middle class population of our country.

The type of migration the EU brought to our shores was the unsustainable mass influx of many of the EU 27 countries, many who speak English and can add value to our economy and country but more often than not many who are like a leach to our economy our healthcare system and our social security systems. If a person arrives on these shores with no English language skills and no real intention of working but would like to abuse our social welfare system in the UK, it is fairly easy to do this in the UK after we allowed our laws to be changed by the EU. For example on entry, a man and his family members who have little to no English Language skills and works as let's say for arguments purposes a low paid labourer, he has back issues and his wife who doesn't work and two children who have free schooling are usually at home, he or his family have never paid into our health service or social services but gets money for a house payments, free health service for his constant back pains, a £200 pound a time translator for every time he or his wife or children go to the doctors/hospital/dentist. He gets free prescriptions and sends whatever money he can save outside the country to family members in the EU country and the rest spends all on necessities and then needs to claim more because he hasn't enough to pay for the rent so gains help. This is one scenario and there are many but not much value is taken from this man or his family into our economy and the man possible doesn't even attempt to integrate because he doesn't walk in the same circles as a local Brit and only has his own country members as friends because of this needing to fit in with one group so chooses his own.

This self ostracising themselves from the community draining council coffers and health service coffers whilst not putting much into the economy is not profitable to our economy and neither is it useful. Obviously, if this man is a low paid labourer, he would have been chosen over either another low paid labourer from an EU country or chosen over a British born person who has paid their taxes and health service contributions and contributed other such payments to get the help he needs but at the same time perhaps because he lost the chance of a job to a foreign individual is now claiming money from the Government and the UK citizen has themselves become a drain on our economy but at the same time had contributed up to a point. Add to this an overstretched health service, doctor's surgeries at full capacity and local services supplied by council's not having enough money due to cutbacks from the Government but also because of services they supply being tested by this mass immigration.

Immigration is a thorny issue but this can be resolved by a points based system that will allow people to come to this country who can add value rather than leach away much needed cash from the economy.

Bostonians annoyed by immigration in Boston before the vote to Leave

UK is angry outside of Westminster due to excess immigration, lack of funding and lack of interest of anything outside of certain wealthier London areas.

British Laws being controlled by the EU

Why shouldn't we control our own laws in the UK with our Government making all the decisions - after all that is what makes a country a country isn't it.

Membership fee

We can save large sum of money if we leave the EU, we would not have to pay a membership fee and are then free to trade with the world however we want.


Trading with the EU does not make up the percentage that it used to and our destiny is to trade outside Europe and to do this we need to completely leave the EU to have unfettered access to the World Markets on WTO terms and or Free Trade Deals


We need to gain back the sovereignty of our country so that the laws made and the taxes suggested all come from our parliament and not from a third party parliament that suggests our laws, taxes and controls many other parts of our lives


Although that some would say that the stimulus of our economy by bringing in labour from the EU is a good thing the EU mass immigration can only cause many upsets in the job industry. It is only because the UK is quite buoyant at the moment and we are not seeing it's true effect as of yet.


If there is the free movement of people and goods through our borders this decreases security allowing drugs, weapons, human trafficking and other illegal practices to easily get through our border defences. We need to control these borders ourselves to keep security at it's optimum level.