Remainer MP's in Parliament Against the Democratic Referendum Vote

Remainer MP's in Parliament working hard against the people's majority referendum vote

This is just a small selection of the Remain MP's in parliament who are trying everything thing in their means to water down or prevent Brexit from happening. There are many more...check out how your MP voted on Brexit votes on this How my MP Voted also see the links to videos below

Theresa May - Cold hearted, stone faced and through and through a remainer

Jeremy Corbyn - Thinks he is ready for job as PM but his Marxist beliefs hold him back

Theresa May & Oliver Letwin - debating the referendum rather than getting us out of the EU

Yvette Cooper 69% Leave constituency - cancelling out a No Deal Brexit with a new bill that was quickly passed by The Lords

John Bercow after usurping the Prime Minister's deal (treaty)

Amber Rudd - She is the behind the scenes remainer with a remainer brother (People's vote)

Anna Soubry - Broxtowe Constituencies voted to Leave and she at every stage tries to thwart Brexit - Left her party to move to the Independence Group

8 MP's walk out because of Brexit to form a new party called The Independence Group - Nothing New with these MP's

Kenneth Clarke - The Father of the House and the Father of Europe by the looks of this speech

7 Anti Brexit MP's who should resign

Hilary Benn - Never hid the fact that he wanted to overturn the Brexit vote