Links to Brexit Supporting Groups

Leave Means Leave - Promoting a brighter UK future with world trading partners on WTO terms and free trade deals.

Many of the people involved with Leave Means Leave have gone on to start The Brexit Party (see below)

This party is headed by Nigel Farage and has been started to fight the Euro elections that we should have not have had to fight but due to Theresa May being on the remain side of the fence and pushing her dreadful close to the EU deal forward 3 times and failing 3 times, this lead to The Brexit Party going into full swing. With the will of the majority referendum vote behind them they are going to fight the Euro elections and are set to win these elections overwhelmingly

UKIP - The UK Independence Party setup prior to the Brexit referendum and although they had some successes they are likely to increase their share of the vote in the Local Elections due to Theresa May's inept handling of Brexit and the Conservative Party and The Labour Party going against the majority to try and push a watered down version of Brexit through.